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Author Topic: CCP trip post for none HERO members.. dont get angry dub :)  (Read 13117 times)
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« on: February 15, 2008, 06:41:43 PM »

From 31 jan to 3 feb my University went south to the capital of Iceland, Reikjavík. The trip was mostly drinking, clubing and few visits to some icelandic companies.

REKI the student council for the business division went to the following Companies:

Össur hf.
Íslensk verđbrefaskráning (stock exchange)

Im not going to talk about the trip to other companies than CCP, maybe put some pictures from the other ones though.

Ok, CCP trip...... It fkn pawnzored?!?!?!!?111''1'e2

We got a tour of the new CCP building (HR manager was handling that, interview with him on newest EON), it was new few years ago but then they decided it was to small so they added another level to it, now its a 4 level building. Most of the interior was being rearrange so you wont be seeing a lot of cool interior designs etc.

Us meeting the HR manager, he first thought this was our first "science" trip of the day so he didn't had alcohol ready for us, but quickly fixed that by sending the reception lady to the liqueur store.

Group waiting for the HR guy.
HR guye worrying about not having alcohol.

Top level.
We started by seeing the management level at the top floor, CEO office, financial division etc. Was snooping around in the CEOs office, !!was allowed to do that!!and I can tell you that the CEO is a really big GEEK/NERD. A lot of role playing/general nerd related crap in his office. Also their is a big empty wall behind his desk, they just hired a guy to paint a EVE related picture their but havent decided what it would be.
No pictures from that level, forgot my camera and the guy who was taking pictures was to busy listening to the HR guy.

2nd and 3rd level. DEV and GM part. 
Ok we took a quick walk through their level, not many pictures because Devs and GMs don't like people taking pictures of them, but we got some.

HR guy showing us the recreation room, pingpong table, 8k liter fish tank etc, just everything being setup. They got a Google thing going on their. Also they got the biggest nerd related book shelf Ive seen, so many roleplaying books, table top games and a great PC game collection.
Those be Devs.
Some big boss Dev office. All the one man offices had big sofas, projectors and big white screen in them.
Those be GMs, they got smaller desk and fewer screens than Devs.. poor buggers.
Those be Devs/arty thingy, maybe Ambulation related due to the human thingy on the desk?

After the quick tour of the 2nd and 3rd floors we had a quick "what is EVE all about" lecture by the Big Boss GM, then a way longer lecture about economics in EVE by the EVE economics guy, my old teachers boss.

After that we all sat down at their cafeteria and had a really long chats about EVE and CCP. Couldn't get in dept info about upcoming stuff in EVE due to my classmates asking noobish EVE questions. Also the CEO made a quick visit, talking about future of CCP. (CEO is one of the guys who made EVE, the red haired nerdy looking one)

Economic guy looking at beers.
Big boss GM talking.
Getting dark outside, most people gone but some stayed for like 1-2 more hours chatting with the economic guy, about school, CCP etc.

Really regret not bringing my camera  Cry
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« Reply #1 on: February 15, 2008, 06:42:38 PM »

Well that trip was the pawnzor!!!!! one of the best looking offices Ive seen on all of the "science" trips my univ have gone to. Hope to get the chance to take a look at it in the future when its ready. Maybe work their in the financial division? who knows.

But here are some info I got, cant remember all atm.

CCP have offices in 3 places,
Atlanta US. 60+ staff
Reykjavík Iceland. 200+ staff
Shangai China. 30+ staff

3 billion ISK profit last year. ISK is atm = 66.8 USD, 98 EUR and 131,1 GBP

Earlier that day they made a count and EVE had 225xxx paying customer. They just got over 225k that day.

To fight lag and hardware problems they are creating Europe's most powerful supercomputer with help from IBM and Microsoft. They got bit of a problem due to supercomputers only being able to do 1 thing at a time, 1 calculation etc. SO IBM and Microsoft are trying to make it able to do many things at the same time with the same power output as it would do normally.

EVE devs are not working on World of Darkness.

World of Darkness is more user friendly than EVE but not like WoW, they are trying to get more female players in WoD and according to research female players like BLOOD, LOVE and HATE, that is what WoD will be about.

On that day when we were at CCP they told us some idiot got killed in his interdictor with 100+ bill worth of crap in empire.

Some CCP staff joined in for few seconds to get beer, they are allowed to show up when ever they want, do what ever they want at work as long as they just finish what they are assigned to do.... I like this rule. A lot of ppl were just playing games etc when we showed up.

5% player base are female but over 55% characters are female.
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